Fitness & Wellness Coach / Tae Beat Creator and Master Coach

Maria Isabella (Maisa) is a World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) Black Belt and TKD Instructor, an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, an FTHP International Certified Coach in FT Circuit, and a Certified APAEF Fitness Instructor. Professional Dancer  and Athlete. She is prepared, along with her team, to take you to the next level.

Maisa created Tae Beat; her own discipline combining Tae Kwon Do, Functional Training, and music beats, back in 2008 and opened her first studio, Beat Warehouse in 2015 in Panama City, Panama becoming Coach of thousands of students up until 2020. Life during and after COVID-19 pandemic would force Maisa to adapt and transform her business to go 100% online; this is where Coach Maisa and Fit With Maisa start as a whole new universe. 

Now, Maisa is capable of accomplishing her biggest dream, which is to expand a healthy lifestyle and change lives throughout the globe. Fit With Maisa is exactly that, an APP that will help her reach her students like never before.


''For me, being fit is not only about having the strong rocking body and eating clean 24/7. It's about being happy and at peace with yourself and your life. Sure, doing a 14-day challenge will definitely help, but after that do you really have the tools to keep going and make it a way of life? This is where I jump-in and give you the accountability you need in order to meet your objectives. The question is: how bad do you want to rule and change your life? Do you have what it takes?''- Maisa